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TAITH - Wales International Links with the World

The establishment of Taith in Wales in 2022, with Welsh Government funding for educational links, is really good news and NWJS is now linked with Taith and is facilitating a number of possible applications, working with: Learning Links International, The Jamaica Memory Bank and the Pennants Heritage Research Project, as well as other groups in North Wales and Clarendon in Jamaica:

Denbigh High School, Denbigh and Denbigh High School, May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica.

3 primary schools in Bangor area and 3 primary schools in Clarendon

Young Farmers in Denbigh and 4H Clubs in Denbigh, Clarendon. 

May 2024 update:

Our efforts to link schools has stalled, but we did manage to support Learning Links International's application:

'Building Bridges - Exploring our Shared History - links with North Wales and Jamaica' in Pathway 2 / 2023. 

Their first application was not successful, so the LLI team is trying again in Pathway 1 / 2024


TAITH - international collaborative projects led by education and training organisations in Wales to develop enhancement-led international learning exchange activities and practices.

Check: www.taith.wales

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