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About the North Wales Jamaica Society

The North Wales Jamaica Society was established September 2011 with a Constitution as a Small Charity.  Each year the Steering Group have reviewed and updated the original aims and ojects of the organisation. 

To see the original Small Charity Constitution contact us.

Update June 2022

After doing a brilliant job since NWJS was set up, John Wyer felt he wanted to move on, so thanks are given to John for all his efforts and the activities he has led to celebrate BHM and Jamaican music here in North Wales. 

This time of change also gives an opportunity for others who have supported NWJS to step back, thanks to these folks, and for others to join to work together to review and rebalance the aims, reset our priorities and set appropriate policies in place to move the organisation forward.

This is being done with support from Mantell Gwynedd and also the NWJS team taking the organisation forward and we are exploring a range of initiatives 

The General Meeeting called on Zoom for Sat 31st Oct 2020 at 10am brought together those NWJS friends who wished to move the organisation forward.

This proposal was discussed and agreed as an appropriate way forward:

The purposes of the Charity are refocussed to support schools and communities in Jamaica that have shared history links with North Wales:

1 to raise funds to provide welfare support and to meet educational needs

2 to develop ways to sponsor children and families to enable children to access education 

3 to support the development of Civic Links between Bangor, Gwynedd and May Pen, Jamaica, as well as other areas of North Wales with shared history eg Denbigh

4 to support the links developing between organisations in North Wales and Jamaica

5 to support local funders to make approprate links with schools and other educational charities within their focus

6 to support and showcase ongoing research into the shared histories between Jamaica and North Wales 

7 to support the exploration of poetry and writing between communities in North Wales and Jamaica

8 to support other activities within the agreed focus of the Society


The Objects for the NWJS in 2018 were:

1    To support the development of Black History Cymru 365 and the annual activities of Black History Month (October) each year in North Wales

2    To actively develop musical links between the reggae musicians, sounds and fans in North Wales and Jamaican musicians

3    To create and stage events related to the shared passion for poetry that is common between the Welsh and Jamaican

4    To share developments related to language rights and respect for the Welsh and Jamaican languages

5    To work in partnership with “Learning Links International” with ongoing research into the shared histories between Jamaica and North Wales

6     To support the development of the “Jamaica Wales Alliance” and be active in supporting the link between Bangor and May Pen, Jamaica

7    To maintain an interest in the development of links between schools in North Wales and schools in Jamaica

8    To support the links and friendships that are developing between North Wales and Jamaica, as well as with Jamaicans living and working in UK

9    To support the undertaking other activities within the agreed focus of the North Wales Jamaica Society



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