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Latest Update - August 2021

Good to see the Times has followed up the research started through a link with the North Wales Jamaica Society by reporter Brenna Daldorph, who contacted NWJS in 2020.

We were able to provide links for her, including April-Louise Pennant and this has resulted in a 3 part Times podcast.

In the first podcast Dr Marian Gwyn, makes an excellent presentation of the history of the Pennant family.

The second podcast introduces April-Louise and her father, Gill Pennant, including a visit to Bangor University Archives. 

In the third podcast they visit Penrhyn Castle ... and meet National Trust staff.

The podcast links are here - thanks to Dr April-Louise Pennant:

Show Stories of our times, Ep The legacy of Penrhyn Castle (Pt 1) - 2 Aug 2021



‎Show Stories of our times, The legacy of Penrhyn Castle (Pt 2) - 3 Aug 2021:


‎Show Stories of our times, The legacy of Penrhyn Castle (Pt 3) - 4 Aug 2021











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