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About the North Wales Jamaica Society

The North Wales Jamaica Society was established September 2011:

To support the development of the annual activities of Black History Month (October) each year in North Wales

To support ongoing research into the shared histories between Jamaica and North Wales, for example: the ownership of plantations in Jamaica by estates in North Wales, the exploration of the historical links and development of current links between the Denbigh and Flintshire Agricultural Show in North Wales and the Denbigh Agricultural Show in Jamaica, research into the trading and industrial links eg Jamaican bauxite for Anglesey Aluminium and the copper and slate links

To actively develop School Links as part of the “Widening Horizons” project – to enable school students and staff to communicate and work on shared curriculum projects, for example: a partnership between Gwynedd and Anglesey schools and Region 6 in Jamaica (Clarendon / St Catherine Parishes) is already under discussion

To actively develop musical links between the reggae musicians, sounds and fans in North Wales and Jamaican musicians through Yasus Afari’s contacts and others

To create and stage events related to the shared passion for poetry that is common between the Welsh and Jamaicans

To share developments related to language rights and respect for the Welsh and Jamaican languages

To support personal links and friendships that are developing between North Wales and Jamaica

And to support other links between North Wales and Jamaica

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