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The next  NWJS Open Meeting on Zoom will be held
on Sat 3rd April  2021 from 12 - 2

The North Wales Jamaica Society meets on the first Saturday of the Month - we were meeting 10 - 12, but now we are trying a lunchtime meeting 12 - 2 which will be an easier time for our Jamaica based colleagues to join. Bring your own lunch! 

Zoom joining details to follow


On Sat 6th March we explored the interesting history of the Tennants Strike in Pennants, in 1938 which was led by Robert Rumble, which caused the land settlement which enabled people to buy land previously ‘owned’ by the wealthy Pennant family. 

We also visited Pennants with a showcase of photos taken by Clifford Headley. 

And we carried on getting to know one another and explain the new NWJS approach 

You are welcome to contact us through this website - Contact Us


We were delighted to welcome David Triggs, the President of the London based Henry George Foundation, as our guest. This is the organisation that helped the tenants in the Pennants community in Clarendon, Jamaica, to succeed in their challenge to their unreasonable landowner - Lord Penrhyn. 

 Click Here to find out about the Pennants History Community Research Project on www.spanglefish.com/pennantshistory

Please use Contact Us if you have any queries, contributions or ideas - we would like you to join us in our activities and research.


The last NWJS Open Meeting on Sat 5th December was held in partnership with Jamaica Heritage Links 

10.30 for 11.00  > prepare your Saturday Soup ... and catch up with friends!

11.00 - 12.00 > update on NWJS plans and the Pennants Project

12.00 - 12.50 > 'Those were the days..... ' memories of Jamaican 2000 activities and achievents, with a Quiz prepared by one of our younger members Kiya.

12.50 > .....  moving on with plans for 'Jamaica Heritage Links'

1.00 > your Saturday Soup should be ready to enjoy with friends!

The North Wales Jamaica Societry is joining with UK Charity 'Jamaica 2000/Jamaiaca Heritage Links' for conference with a difference, sponsored by Learning Links International and 'Promoting our Heritge'. 

The Zoom recording link is:


It starts part way through Caroine Sansome's presentation about Penrhyn Castle.


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