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Pennants Schools Appeal

NWJS founder member, Liz Millman, is exploring ways to raise much needed funds for essential items for the two schools in the tiny village of Pennants (1).  This area has close historical ties to estates in North Wales that benefitted from the enormous wealth generated between the16th and 20th centuries, which for the most part used enforced African slave labour. The schools in the rural areas of Clarendon face real challenges today, with great pressures on their budgets and many financial constraints. However despite all this their academic achievements are very good.

Liz has visited schools in the area and met School Principals and Ministry of Education Officials to negotiate setting up links with schools in North Wales.


Last year Leonora Headly, Chair of the PTA at John Austin School in Pennants visited North Wales, visiting schools and meeting local people.

Here she is meeting Jeannie Evans from Ysgol Gymuned Fali. Mrs Headly was delighted with the warm welcome she received and thanked the North Wales Jamaica Society for their hard work and efforts. “This appeal will make a great difference to our schools, and the Ministry of Education are also supporting the development of links, including twinning schools in our area of Jamaica with schools in North Wales under the “Widening Horizons” programme”.


John Wyer, Chair of the North Wales Jamaican Society, made sure that Mrs Headly saw some of the great scenery we have in North Wales.


Some schools have already indicated an interest in linking with a school in Jamaica and the opportunities for formal registration are now available through www.ukjamaicaschoollinks.com

The North Wales Jamaica Society hopes that other local groups will also put on events and activities to raise funds, and individuals will also consider making contributions as partners in this appeal.

Liz Millman, is one of the team that set up the North Wales Jamaica Society and recognises that support and assistance for these schools is very much needed, and this project also acknowledges the shared histories of Jamaica and North Wales, giving schools opportunities to learn about Black History.

(1) This village is situated on what was the Pennants Plantation. This was owned by the North Wales based Pennant family, who invested much of their wealth in projects in Gwynedd, including building Penrhyn Castle.


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